Blue, vulnerable

Blue, vulnerable is a quick prototype of what five graduate students imagine a reflective and transformative space to feel like.
It uses elements like water, vibration, light, projection, clouds and bubbles to create an immersive experience and make the audience feel like they are in a meditative space.
Timeframe : 3 days

project overview

This was a project made at Parsons School of Design, with a team of 5 people. The project brief revolves around a prompt that the students and teachers came up with as a result of fun word play activities.
We imagine this to be a portal through which people can go to what they feel as an 'ideal' world. Through a survey, we collected what many people described as what they felt like a perfect world would look like to them and then put the keywords into an image generating software called Dalle. These images were then projected and mapped onto spheres around the room.

In addition to this, we had clouds with thunder stuck onto the ceiling which were controlled based on a persons voice. The lights only turn on when someone goes close to the water and says something into it.
Our central element is the vibrating water. The vibrations are made with voices of people talking about things they wish for and then turned into a low frequency sound so they are not comprehensible anymore.

my role

Since the installation required a lot of hands on work, we worked on it from morning to night the entire weekend. I helped with the installation of all the elements and was in charge of the water and vibration. I also played a big role in putting together the clouds and lights on the ceiling.