Synesthesia synthesiser

The connection between colour and sound is a special one. Synesthesia is when you hear a sound and see a colour. This installation was aimed at people who experience synesthesia, to give them a way to express how they perceive music.
Timeframe : 1 week

project overview

The synesthesia synthesiser was a quick prototype out of a series of iterations with the aim of giving people with synesthesia a medium to express themselves. The look is inspired by a turntable and the machine is made purely with found and recycled material.

The velcro strips, ink droppers and ultrasound sensors allow people to customise their vinyl's with the colours and patterns they associate with the sound playing in their ears. By adding certain elements that can be controlled and certain elements that can't be controlled, I am forcing the viewers to make something unique each time. This is my favourite part.


This prototyped used one servo motor, acrylic sheets, scrap wood, a comb, ink droppers, an Arduino, LED's and a velcro strip. The process included a lot of trial and error and just learning from my mistakes - like how acrylic sheets are too thin to act as gears if they're not completely stable, or how the gear won't complete a full rotation if the one driving it's movement is smaller. Things like these seem obvious after you actually implement your idea, but they are often missed in the planning phase.